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Penny Dragon is an indie TTRPG publisher. We’re a company for gamers run by gamers. We believe that TTRGPs offer unique and memorable experiences. TTRGPs aren’t just games. They are therapeutic, cathartic, and incredibly rewarding. They give us a creative outlet in a world that places less and less emphasis on a need for creativity. TTRPGs are an experience unto themselves.

No other medium feeds the soul the way a TTRPG does. And that’s our mission. To feed as many souls on this plane as possible! Because the gods know, our souls need it!

See you at the table. Oh, and may your futures be filled with nat 20s.


Penny Dragon had humble beginnings as an inkling of an idea in 2019. Fast forward a few years and we have 5 fulltime employees, a dozen monthly contractors, and more content than you can shake an immovable rod at!
If we’re honest, our early success took us by complete surprise. If our success was a combat encounter, it rolled 30 for initiative and we rolled a nat 1!
Being thrown into the deep end, it took a while to learn to swim and we’re still getting to grips with a lot of this and we’re still clearing some of our backlog from the early days. But we’ve learned a lot along the way, and you’ll find our books packed with amazing original content, engaging narrative, and original art.
We sometimes run behind on project deadlines… usually because we want to deliver above and beyond.
Anyway, that’s how it started, and it continues with you, dear gamer.
That’s right! Without you, we wouldn’t be here.
So, thank you for stopping by. We very much look forward to seeing you around these parts again soon.
Until then, keep rollin’!



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