Bergin’s Book of Beasts contains hundreds of new beasts to be used as encounters, party pets, character companions, and of course with polymorph and wild shape. Including these beasts in your world can help create an immersive experience.


Bergin’s Book of Beasts also features a host of new beast-flavored subclasses, including the College of the Duet Bard, Oath of the Pack Paladin, Snakebite Stalker Ranger, and Way of the Sacred Beasts Monk.

Bergin’s Book of Beasts also boasts dozens of new beast-flavored magic items, strange facts, environment notes, and more. For those looking for something a little extra, the tome includes a smattering of notes compiled by the legendary bard and druid, Bergin Glunmar. These notes on beast lore are bound to spark inspiration and create memorable story moments at your table.

  • New beast-flavored magic items
  • Sstrange facts
  • Environment notes
  • Notes compiled by the legendary bard and druid, Bergin Glunmar


No project would be complete without an adventure…so how about a 100+ page cosmic horror adventure to go right alongside Bergin’s Book of Beasts?

Firestar Falling is a 100+ page campaign that takes characters from level 1 to 5. As they investigate a missing patron, it quickly becomes clear than not all is what it seems. A meteor corrupted with an ancient evil has fallen beyond the Northern Reaches. Hate floods forth from the Firestar’s crater, twisting creatures into horrible things. And what is more, its corruption creeps ever nearer to the southern kingdoms.

The further players character dig, the more they realize that the corruption extends much deeper than they suspect…into the very core of the civilization they strive to save.

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