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The 100+ pages 5E Magazine, with creatures, spells, items, encounters, and so much more

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Aizendore’s Vault of Tragic Treasure – Magic Items for 5e

A 300-page tome packed with 300+ magic items and lore. A 200-page adventure module set in the Elemental Planes. And More! For 5e

 Enter the Vault…

Herein you will discover a dragon's hoard upon which rests Aizendore's Vault of Tragic Treasure and the Order of Elemental Chaos.

 If You Dare!

As seen on Critical Role, Ginny Di, Nerdarchy, DM Dave, Nord Games, Eldritch Foundry, World Anvil, and more!

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Enter the Vault

Soon to be published.

WayStar - An Epic DnD 5e SciFi Conversion!

coming in 2024

Finally arriving:

Bergin’s Book of Beasts

New Beasts

hundreds of new beasts to be used as encounters, party pets, character companions, and of course with polymorph and wild shape.

New Classes

For those looking for something a little extra, the tome includes a smattering of notes compiled by the legendary bard and druid, Bergin Glunmar.

New Subclasses

including the College of the Duet Bard, Oath of the Pack Paladin, Snakebite Stalker Ranger, and Way of the Sacred Beasts Monk.

Beast-Flavored Magic

Bergin’s Book of Beasts also boasts dozens of new beast-flavored magic items, strange facts, environment notes, and more.