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Unleash the magic and mystery of Celtic mythology in your campaign with our Celtic-Inspired One-Shot Adventure Bundle!

The following one shot adventures are included:

The Curse of King Culainn

A one-shot adventure for 4-5 characters of levels 7-8.

In a medieval Celtic fantasy world of battling clans and towns, King Culainn has secured a strong piece of arable land surrounded by a bountiful forest that provides for his people.

But grisly murder scenes have been cropping up almost every night lately. The people point their fingers at King Culainn. The King goes into hiding and hires a daring party of mercenaries to track down the real killers. But they learn that not all is as it seems in the town of Kilshoga.

Can the party unravel the mystery and slay the monstrous beast?

The Black Rabbit

A one-shot adventure for 4-6 characters of level 4.

As the party venture through the dusky twilight, they hear the piercing cries of a mother, calling out for help. It would seem her baby has been stolen and transformed into a black rabbit by some trickster fey creatures who inhabit the fairy fort nearby.

Can the party assist her and rescue the baby before it is too late?

Or, perhaps, they just might realize that these kidnapping fey are not the only tricksters in O’Brannen Estate…

The Salmon of Knowledge

A one-shot adventure for 5 characters of levels 1-2

Inspired by Celtic folklore, in this adventure the characters are on the hunt for the mystical Salmon of Knowledge, which sometimes appears in a lake known as the Well of Wisdom. Will they capture the salmon before the crotchety, old, territorial druid gets his grubby mitts on it? Or will it evade capture by all, as it has oft times before?

More importantly still, if the party catch and cook it, what might they ask?

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