Summer DnD 5e Mega Digital Bundle

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Introducing the Summer DnD 5e Mega Digital Bundle – Your Passport to Epic Adventures and Unforgettable Summers!

Are you ready to transcend mere gaming and embark on an odyssey that will forever alter your tabletop experience?

Unearth the Lore! This bundle is packed to the brim with thrilling lore, characters, monsters, and magical treasures. It’s not just a collection; it’s your ultimate campaign library for this summer and every season that follows.

What’s included?

  • Aizendore’s Vault of Tragic Treasure
  • Mag of Holding: Frozen Wastelands
  • Mag of Holding: Pirates & Seafaring
  • Mag of Holding: Gothic Horror
  • Mag of Holding: Breathe of the Feywild
  • Tales From the Lorekeeper: A Monstrous Escape
  • 6 One-Shot Adventures

30+ Challenging Monsters: Face off against some of the most formidable foes ever conceived. Will you emerge victorious, or will you fall in battle?

400+ Useful Magic Items: Arm yourself with an arsenal of magical treasures, each with the potential to turn the tide of any encounter.

800+ Enthralling Pages of Adventure: Immerse yourself in a world of storytelling with over 800 pages of captivating adventures. Each page is a portal to excitement and intrigue.

But what truly sets this bundle apart is the profound shift it brings to your gaming circle. Gather your comrades, for you’re about to journey not only through realms but through shared memories. The characters you breathe life into, the monsters you face, and the magic items you wield will etch themselves into the tapestry of your bonds.

And the price? Prepare to be astounded – we’ve cast a spell that slashes 70% off the total, making this treasure trove a steal at just $37.

This isn’t just a bundle; it’s an invitation to weave stories, strengthen friendships, and savor the moments that gaming etches into our souls. Seize this opportunity to transform your summer – and every season that follows – into an epic saga of your own making. Adventure awaits!

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Aizendore’s Vault Of Tragic Treasure

Herein you will discover a dragon’s hoard upon which rests Aizendore’s Vault of Tragic Treasure and the Order of Elemental Chaos.

From within these tomes, wonders and riches abound. Adventure, creatures, and items both magic and otherwise await. From Solastra and Durkados, two ancient dragons forever at war, to the keeper of the vault himself, their pages drip with lore and tales of yore. A table adorned with such writings as these, and a host of other otherworldly riches, are sure to bring great joy to all who play and feast in your dining hall!


One Shots

Browse through our one shot adventures. You get six one shot adventures, incl. new NPC, monster, battle map, original artwork and more.

Whether you uncover the mystery of The Case of Norntolk, hunt for the Salmon of Knowledge, rescue the Black Rabbit, are brave enough to meet the Bogwitch, or decide to help King Cullain; these adventures of different levels will let you create memorable evenings.


Mag of Holding

Mag of Holding is the extended magazine packed with tools for Dungeon Masters and Players alike. It includes a ton of content for your existing campaigns whether home-brewed or pre-printed.


Tales from the Lorekeeper

A Monstrous Escape will be 24+ pages long and is a real twist on the escaped monster trope. Players will be a group of poor individuals caught by a mad scientist and turned into horrific monstrous creations, stitched together using various creatures. After awakening, they make their escape fighting their way through a guarded keep, hoping to find freedom…and maybe even a path back to humanity.

The adventure features rules for creating your own monstrous creations from an amalgamation of parts as well as a few extra stat blocks for other creations of this mad man. Other rules included are alternate rules for healing and for switching out body parts.

Dare you face your fate?


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  1. Paul (verified owner)

    Wow this is amazing! There is so much to get in this single bundle, I’m so excited to use everything that I got!

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