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Mag of Holding

Mag of Holding is the extended magazine packed with tools for Dungeon Masters and Players alike. It includes a ton of content for your existing campaigns whether home-brewed or pre-printed.


Aizendore’s Vault Of Tragic Treasure

Herein you will discover a dragon’s hoard upon which rests Aizendore’s Vault of Tragic Treasure and the Order of Elemental Chaos.

From within these tomes, wonders and riches abound. Adventure, creatures, and items both magic and otherwise await. From Solastra and Durkados, two ancient dragons forever at war, to the keeper of the vault himself, their pages drip with lore and tales of yore. A table adorned with such writings as these, and a host of other otherworldly riches, are sure to bring great joy to all who play and feast in your dining hall!


Bergins's Book of Beasts

Bergin’s Book of Beasts contains hundreds of new beasts to be used as encounters, party pets, character companions, and of course with polymorph and wild shape. Including these beasts in your world can help create an immersive experience. Bergin’s Book of Beasts also features a host of new beast-flavored subclasses, including the College of the Duet Bard, Oath of the Pack Paladin, Snakebite Stalker Ranger, and Way of the Sacred Beasts Monk.

Coming Soon

Order of Elemental Chaos

Order of Elemental Chaos is an adventure book designed for plates from level 1 – 10. It is based on an item from Aizendore’s Vault, the Bottle of Djinn…not to be mistaken for a bottle of Gin. 

Order of Elemental Chaos introduces players to the Elemental Planes of Air, Fire, Water and Earth before hurling them into Elemental Chaos. 

Caught in the struggle between gods and titans, players must stop an order of evil genies and primordials from upsetting the delicate balance between order and chaos lest the material planes be sorn asunder…or worse. 

Coming Soon


We offer a variety of fantastic STLs. Grow your collection or print them out on your 3D printer.


One Shots

Browse through our one shot adventures. You get a one shot adventure, incl. a new NPC, monster, battle map, original artwork and more.

Whether you uncover the mystery of The Case of Norntolk, hunt for the Salmon of Knowledge, rescue the Black Rabbit, are brave enough to meet the Bogwitch, or decide to help King Cullain; these adventures of different levels will let you create memorable evenings.



Get ready for WayStar, an epic sci-fi game DnD 5e conversion. WayStar is streamlined with familiar rules to let you and your players hit the ground running. Gather your crew. Build your ship. And adventure among the stars! Fight the empire. Join the empire. Or become the empire. Do you want to save a star system or rule the galaxy? Grab the WayStar Core Rules. The possibilities are endless!

As seen on Ginni Di, DnD Shorts, Crit Crab, Nerdarchy, High Rollers, Mr Ripper, All Things DnD and many more.

Coming 2024

Tales from the Lorekeeper

A Monstrous Escape will be 24+ pages long and is a real twist on the escaped monster trope. Players will be a group of poor individuals caught by a mad scientist and turned into horrific monstrous creations, stitched together using various creatures. After awakening, they make their escape fighting their way through a guarded keep, hoping to find freedom…and maybe even a path back to humanity.

The adventure features rules for creating your own monstrous creations from an amalgamation of parts as well as a few extra stat blocks for other creations of this mad man. Other rules included are alternate rules for healing and for switching out body parts.

Dare you face your fate?


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