Mag of Holding – Gothic Horror


Mag of Holding – Gothic Horror is designed to enrich campaigns of the frightening variety.  With a veritable array of encounters, NPCs, backgrounds, cursed items, lore and more, there is something for vampire slayers and monster hunters alike. Break the curse of the Red Lady and confront the knights that guard her forlorn tower. Face down hell hounds in the abbey of Naylor and unravel a demon’s sinister plot. Tread a path of misery with a haunting entity unable to find rest or peace. Stave off undead hordes all night all along the Lychway. This tome bubbles with terrible GM tools and horrible player options. But beware its twisted curse, lest your heart be consumed by darkness…or worse.

Open at your own peril!

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We are grateful that you have deemed us worthy of your presence, kind stranger.

Feast upon Mag of Holding – Gothic Horror, a table bestrewn with deliciously dark delicacies prepared to your satisfaction. Amidst these delectable dishes, you will discover curses, chaos, and creatures of the night. Evil encounters, malevolent monsters, and awful abominations are yours for the taking. Magic items imbued with dread and ancient terrors long thought dead. Partake of the bountiful banquet, indulge in every pleasure, and consume to your heart’s content. Yes, fill your belly in preparation for the road ahead. And when you depart, may the moonlight guide your footsteps, and may your campfire keep the beasts at bay. Take care that you do not linger too long in the shadows, for when you travel upon dark paths too long, the darkness travels with you. – Paddy Finn

136! Pages

Your fully packed MoH edition. You aren’t afraid of being alone in the dark. You’re afraid of not being alone in the dark.


What if those monsters lurking in the shadows of our minds were real? What if that bump in the night isn’t a stray cat out there?

Terrible imaginings

of what goes bump in the night. Monsters that suck blood and tear flesh… or worse. You shall find out soon!

The question is,

are you willing to peer into the abyss, to step into the unknown, to be a hero? Are you ready to face forgotten dark lords in ancient keeps?

Encounters, Creatures And Items

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  • This book offers new creatures of darkness, such as Daemonifer and Varcolac.
  • Herein, you will also discover a new Warlock Subclass, for at times one must battle darkness with darkness.
  • You will discover a new feat, perfect for any monster hunter.
  • As a champion of light, peruse these pages and find the tools you need to overturn the darkness you face

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