Mag Of Holding – Breath Of The Feywild PDF


Mag of Holding – Breath of the Feywild is designed to enrich adventures and misadventures in the Feywild. With a wild selection of encounters, magic items, fey familiars, monsters, spells, backgrounds, lore, and more, there is something for every seelie, unseelie, and everything between. Discover the lair of the arandaal and break its link to the realms above. Avoid the sleep-inducing toxin of the dream blossom and escape the clutches of the moss behemoth. Break an evil leprechaun free of a magical trap and he’ll shower you with fine rewards…Or will he? Adventure into a wardrobe wonderland and break the charm of the Lady of the Willow. This tome sings with chaotic GM tools and wild player options. But beware its wily charms, lest you lose your mind…and possibly more.

Open at your own peril!

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