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Mag of Holding – Pirates & Seafaring is designed to enrich your table’s nautical encounters. With a colorful tapestry of adventures, NPCs, backgrounds, spells, magic items, rules, sea shanties, lore, and more, there is something for every sailor, pirate, and scallywag that ever did sail the seventy-seven seas. Break the curse of the boneship, discover what really awaits at the X that marks the spot, and plummet into a dark crevice at the bottom of the ocean in search of lost treasure…But beware the Olgoth and its undead horde. These pages are awash with GM tools and player options. But we warned, this tome may or may not be cursed by the spirit of Captain Blackbeard himself.

Open at your own peril!

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Let us venture onto stormy seas!

 Onto vast oceans untamed by mortals…for here be dragons. Prepare well, would-be sailors. She will test you. And should you be found wanting, make peace with your gods while you are able, for few who test this merciless mistress elude her callous grasp. Our love of the sea bears no measure. Countless are those who succumb to her seductive ways…her promises of freedom and assurances of riches. Those who embrace her unprepared will suffer her temper… savage storms that break the mightiest sailor and cerulean waves that crush the bravest captain. Beneath her fluttering turquoise cloak, she conceals secrets and treasures…lures to sailors who dare plumb depths where lurking monstrosities tend her shadows.- Paddy Finn

112! Pages

Yaaargh, me hearties! Welcome aboard Mag of Holding – Pirates & Seafaring!


In this installment, we present to thee a pirate queen’s treasure, boasting wonderous items, dangerous encounters, ferocious creatures, frightening lore, and more.

May the wind fill your sails!

May your voyage be brief, your passage dry, and may you arrive alive on the other side

Now grab your compass

and load your canons, for we set to sea on the next tide. But before we go, we leave you with a few words uttered about the ocean deep.

Encounters, Creatures And Items

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A sea-based campaign, or even a sea-based encounter, will introduce plenty of salt (and other flavors) to your game. Mag of Holding – Pirates & Seafaring provides inspiration of the nautical variety aplenty. You will find herein pirate treasure troves full of ideas for keeping sea travel interesting, games of luck and chance to pass the tedious hours on deck, and horrors of the deep that make even the most seasoned captain shiver right down to their very timbers. Whether you need a new NPC, a bunch of ocean-themed magic items, or a sea shanty, this is the book for you.

Pirates & Seafaring

Take a look inside the book with our CEO Paddy.

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