Mag of Holding – Breath of the Feywild Print & PDF Bundle


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When one imagines the Feywild, they could be forgiven for conjuring mental images of archfey and other excessively powerful fey creatures. But not all denizens of the Feywild wield high-level magic or carry legendary magic items. Some of the more coy creatures of the Feywild—and contrary to popular belief there does exist such creatures—and the minors of fey societies might possess less impressive magic and carry upon them magical trinket of the more subdued variety. The Feywild is filled with magic, true, but not all of it is is wonderfully powerful or, need we say it, wild. As any well-read scholar will tell you, ferociousness and luxuriance hold little value where nothing is tame. Just as light could not exist without darkness, and heat could not exist without cold, so the feywild could not exist with some measure of order…no matter how small.

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