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Eye of Balor

Dalriada is in danger! Eye of Balor coming soon to Kickstarter.

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Eye of Balor is an epic D&D 5e Celtic campaign adventure where the players must thwart the machinations of the dark gods and their Fomorian army before the world ends!

Coming soon to Kickstarter.

Upcoming Releases

Order of Elemental Chaos

Order of Elemental Chaos is a six-part campaign that spans the Elemental Planes, sending the party on a quest to defeat the depraved and power-hungry elemental genies imprisoned there. Can the party put an end to the genies before their plot to become an ascended deity threatens a total extinction of the Material Plane and destroys the world as they know it?

Firestar Falling

Firestar Falling is a cosmic horror campaign in which the party are plunged into a landscape of gruesome mutations and catastrophic corruptions…and we don’t just mean the monsters. The party set out on a simple quest to find their missing comrade, Tinara Longshot, but along the way they realize the quest is not as simple as they had hoped, for they discover that the burning firestar which recently set the night sky ablaze was more than just a herald of the natural disasters to come.

Vagabond’s Guide To Dalriada

Vagabond’s Guide to Dalriada is a campaign setting guide with everything you need to run an epic Celtic adventure in the world of Dalriada. From the regions and deities of the land, to the monsters and races that live there, this book is teeming with trickster fey, horrifying monstrosities, and enough luck to turn a leprechaun green. It comes complete with seven new sub-classes, a plethora of magic items and spells, and, of course, a level 1-5 campaign to bring the Celtic wilds of Dalriada to life.

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