Haunting of the Everwood PDF



#3 in the Unlock the Vault series. 

A one-shot adventure for 4-6 characters of level 5. 

In the heart of the Shanri Empire lies an enchanted wood so impenetrable that the elves themselves give it a wide berth. A sickly green glow pulses almost as if in warning to potential intruders, and a keening wail emanates from the heart of the overgrowth.

Legend has it the wood is haunted by the spirits of star-crossed lovers and the Kingsmen who tried to stand in their way. Those who dare to enter the woods are never heard from again. Yet, a legend more ancient still suggests that an arcane key may be the cause of the uncontrollable eldritch growth. Rumoured to have been given to the care of the Shanri Elves centuries ago for protection and safe keeping by a mysterious and enigmatic wizard, could the green orb spoken of in myth be the third key to Aizendore’s Vault?

And is the key truly hidden within the Everwood?

What other secrets might the Everwood reveal?

And can you uncover the key before the Everwood consumes you?

Publication Length: 23 pages

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