The Fomorian Invasion PDF


An 11 page Celtic-inspired adventure for 4-6 players of level 5.   

A grim silence has fallen over Kinbane. Whispers haunt the coastal winds, speaking of an outpost gone dark, and fears rise like the tides.  

The clan’s calls go unanswered.  

The party are summoned to the outpost’s ruins where they uncover a truth more harrowing than marauders or feuding clans: a Fomorian scouting party has laid the groundwork for an invasion as dark as the sea is deep. 

 Can the party outmanoeuvre this scouting party of giants?  

Will they uncover the scrolls that reveal plans of bloody conquest? 

Will they sound the alarm in time to unite the clans against the encroaching Fomorian army? 

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