Leprechaun’s Gold PDF



Shenanigans await in this Celtic-inspired adventure.

Meet Landry, an undead being whose tragic attempts at resurrecting his family have only deepened his curse. Armed with a mistaken belief and a stolen treasure, his desperate quest for redemption drives the narrative, offering players a unique blend of humor, myth, and the timeless pursuit of breaking a curse, all set against the mystical backdrop of Dalriada​​.

Adventurers are drawn into the enchanting realm of Dalriada, embarking on a quest filled with Irish folklore to recover a leprechaun’s stolen gold and a magical emerald. The journey leads them through encounters with creatures like leprechauns, wraiths, and banshees, and even offers an alliance with a war goose.

This adventure includes:
14 pages of content
1 Random Encounter Table
1 Map
1 Monster (with original art)
6 Magic Items

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