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Unleash the adventurer in you!

Petero’s Tome of Adventure PDF is a 300+ page compendium. This spellbinding anthology brings you thirteen gripping one-shot adventures packed with new monsters, enchanting magic items, intricate maps, and much more. Within these pages, you’ll tread in the legendary footsteps of Petero himself as you break demonic curses, face off against malevolent fey-wolves, and broker peace between long-standing rivals. Guided by his trusty magical companion, Weston the hound, Petero of Chimehaste has left behind a legacy of thrilling quests meticulously transcribed by the soon-to-be Master Bard Rabi, all for your unparalleled adventuring pleasure.

What adventures await?

The Salmon of Knowledge
Of Revels & Revelations
The Black Rabbit
The Dry Woods
The Tower of Burning Fields
Blinding Sands
The Case of Norntolk
The People’s Prison
The Curse of King Culainn
Tale of the Bogwitch
Root of the Problem
Master of the Black Rock
The Unicorn’s Curse

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