Legend of the Silver Colosseum PDF



#2 in the Unlock the Vault series. 

A one-shot adventure for 4-6 characters of level 4. 

While searching for the Key of Illusion, the party find themselves exploring a city of vibrant art and spectacular performance, never more realized than at the annual Silver Games.  The purveyor of the Games, an enigmatic character known as the Entertainer holds the position of ruler over Sepctacle by virtue of being most esteemed bard, his authority symbolized by the mysterious, ever-changing amulet he bears. Could this amulet be the key the party seek? Should they wish to win the amulet,, they must enter the Silver Games, defeat their opponents and face off with the Entertainer himself… 

Will the party qualify for a position in the Silver Games?  

Will they have the heart to take down their own allies?  

And will the last contestant standing have the wit and charisma to beat the Entertainer at his own game?  

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