Onions & Wagons PDF



Let’s celebrate 5o years of D&D together!

An adventure for 4 to 6 characters of level 5. 

Onions & Wagons beckons the party on a culinary journey steeped in mystery and marinated in danger.   

Hired by a wealthy merchant to guard a caravan of wagons packed with onions across the perilous Rotmire Wilds finds them in something of a strange situation. As the wheels turn and the onions roll, questions begin to bubble.    

Like…Who needs THAT many onions anyway?  

Answers lie deep in the domain of the Onion Lord, a creature with an appetite for travellers. 

Will the party peel away the layers of this mystery before it’s too late?    

Can they slice through the dangers that stew in the vast Onion Fields and simmer within the depths of the Onion Lord’s Lair?    

Or will they find themselves as just another ingredient for the Onion Lord’s feast? 

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