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Perfect to play as a one shot over the holidays, used to plug into a prewritten arctic adventure, or even as a side quest in your own home brew setting, in this mini adventure the party battles to save Christmas in the face of a corrupting Coalstar that has twisted the once-festive residents of the Feywhite into sinister monsters.

Can the party eliminate the threat of the Coalstar or will they meet their doom at the hands of Santa’s little yelpers, Santa’s reinfear, or even the jolliest man himself–Santa Claws?

A blizzard of festive monsters, original artwork, adventure hooks, and more. For a merrier, scarier arctic setting, you can pair it with Mag of Holding: Frozen Wastelands.

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  1. Alfonso Fernandez (verified owner)

    I just ran this one-shot last night for my group. I received the pdf and reviewed it. The artwork is stunning, the character concepts are really ingenious and the story was easy to absorb and prep for session. I literally was able to convert the entire pdf into fantasy grounds and make it ready to run in about 4 hrs.
    I cannot overplay the amount of praise and appreciation I have to the team here at Penny Dragon games. This was such fun to run and my players had a blast playing it and there were so many laughs had and good times all around.
    Thanks team, this was amazing.

    • Kayleigh McLaughlin

      Thank you for the amazing feedback, we really appreciate it. This adventure was certainly one of our favourites to create!

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