The Fight Before Christmas (PDF)



A Christmas one shot for 4 characters of level 6. 

Santa is missing. His Elves have revolted. And SantaCorp has become a warzone. 

Beneath the swirling glow of the aurora, a plot is brewing at SantaCorp to usurp Santa’s authority and push Christmas into a new era of technological advance. Traditional Crafter Elves and new-fangled Digicrew Elves have waged war on one another, all thanks to the scheming machinations of Mrs Claus. The whole factory of SantaCorp is up in arms, and in the midst of the ruckus, Santa is missing…or is he? 

Can the party broker peace between the warring Elf factions, rescue Santa, and save Christmas, before Mrs Claus gets away with her dastardly schemes? 

Let’s ho-ho-hope so! 

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