Tale Of The Bogwitch


Somewhere, in the putrid bog near the village of Ghuulcrest, a great evil is rumored to lurk – a dark witch who traps those foolish enough to venture near, sealing them into trees to fuel her magic. Some say she is an ancient remnant of a dark world before this one, while others say she is a devil, and still more insist she is simply a fairytale. Are the party dauntless or fool hardy enough to travel across the Ghuulcrest Bog and discover the truth? And, more importantly, are they resilient enough to live to tell the tale?
The Tale of the Bog Witch is an adventure suitable for 4-5 players of levels 7-8.

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Can you kill the Bog Witch?

The party finds themselves traveling through the Ghuulcrest Bog when they happen upon a tree that appears to have a corpse embedded in it, which seems to have turned to wood. Upon closer inspection, the corpse will creak its head towards the party and croak in a strained voice, “Please. Help. Us. Slay the bog witch. Break our curse.”

Whats inside?

You will get a One Shot adventure incl. new NPC, monsters, magic items, story hooks a battle map, original artwork, lore, and more…

The Bog Witch

Amphibious. The bog witch can breathe air and water.
Mimicry. The bog witch can mimic animal sounds and
humanoid voices.

Jötun Toad

These enormous creatures are revered by the bullywugs as servants of their great god, Toadilda. Hunters will often test their prowess by attempting to bring down one of these monsters.

7 Magic items await you!

The Flesh-Shaper’s Ladle Pressurized Acorn Giddyup Gumbo Talisman of Toadilda and more…

3 new Maps

  1. Witch’s Clearing Map
  2. Muddy Waters Map
  3. Over The Hills Map

Many additional NPCs contained. Get your copy now!

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