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A mother cries out in the night, pleading for help rescuing her child, who has been transformed into a black rabbit by a band of wicked fey creatures living in a fairy fort nearby. But they don’t want to let the rabbit go. To make matters worse, a fey glamour seems to have trapped you in the area, and with fairy-folk, there’s always a trick within a trick, a lie within a lie, and you only have until morning to figure it out. The Black Rabbit is an adventure for 4-6 players of level 4.

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Ready for the rescue?

The party comes across a distressed mother in dire need of help to save her baby who has been taken and turned into a black rabbit. They learn later that they are only being used as pawns in a cruel game engineered by a far buí named Da’Radha, a changeling trickster with powerful skills in eception and disguise. He’s using the party to get back at a band of far darrig who insulted him, with hopes of a bloody end to the feud. He could easily deal with them himself, but it’s so much more interesting for him to manipulate others to do his dirty work for him.

The Black Rabbit

is an adventure suitable for 4-6 players of Level 4

Meet Da’Radha

Da’Radha is a far buí, also known as a “yellow man”, a petty form of trickster fey named for the jaundiced color of their skin and eyes.

Including three maps!

  • The Cottage in the Woods Map
  • Fairy Fort Map
  • The Swamp Map

Water Leaper

The water leaper is a foul beast with the body and head of an oversized toad, but with a long reptilian tail ending in a stinger and a pair of bat wings instead of legs. They inhabit swamps and lakes, waiting for unsuspecting creatures to approach.

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