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In a medieval Celtic fantasy world of battling clans and towns, King Culainn has secured a strong piece of arable land surrounded by a bountiful forest that provides for his people.
But grisly murder scenes have been cropping up almost every night lately. The people point their fingers at King Culainn. The King goes into hiding and hires a daring party of mercenaries to track down the real killers. But they learn that not all is as it seems in the town of Kilshoga.
The Curse of King Culainn is an adventure suitable for 4-5 players of levels 7-8.

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Tension chills the Kingdom of Kilshoga.

Bloody disappearances have become near-nightly occurrences, and rumors and superstition have spread like wildfire. The people tell tales of howling in the night and feral claws scratching at their doors. Paranoia points the blame towards King Culainn – his desire to expand his Kingdom into the surrounding forest lands required culling the native wolves. Now the people believe the wolf packs are hunting for revenge.

King Culainn

In the midst of the chaos reigning over his kingdom, King Culainn has taken to locking himself in his chambers, summoning groups of mercenaries to fulfil peculiar tasks that he claims are of critical importance for Kingdom security.

What the people of Kilshoga do not know

is that the Kingdom is built on the borders of the Feywild. Indeed, this is why the land is so bountiful. King Culainn made a pact with Meadb, Queen of the Faeries to care for the land in return for her permission to establish his kingdom there.


he broke this pactwhen he expanded his kingdom at the cost of the native wolves. Queen Meadb set in motion a plan to execute the King for his betrayal, sending her second in command to infiltrate the King’s closest councilors and assassinate him.

Yet, the King lives on

and Queen Meadb  believes her underling has betrayed her. She seeks revenge on the King and her underling,
Senan Arran.

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