Adventure MEGA Bundle (PDF)


Adventure MEGA Bundle for DnD 5e

A bundle of epic tales bringing together a collection of thrilling adventures, magic items, monsters, and more!

Dive into a world of mystery and madness. Unleash the magic, confront ancient evils, and embark on unforgettable quests.

Included in this PDF bundle are:

Mote of Madness
Rotting Mines of Copperbend
Tales from the Lorekeeper: A Monstrous Escape
Chest of Shadows (magic item & monster pack)
New Beginnings (magic item pack)
X Marks the Plot
Yeti Steady Crow
Dancing Star
Perils of the Feydark
All Along the Lychway
+ BONUS ADVENTURE – Tomb of the Undead King

X Marks the Plot, Yeti Steady Crow, Dancing Star, Perils of the Feydark and All Along the Lychway give you a taste of the awesome content you will find in our ever popular Mag of Holding series.


Newly released PDF Tomb of the Undead King. Inspired by the mystery of the 8 Keys to Aizendore’s Vault, this first instalment in the Unlock the Vault series sees the party venture to Wellsing’s ruins, where the foolish King Ralfour is rumored to have been buried alive when the kingdom was melted by dragon fire. Yet, it is said that before he was defeated, King Ralfour had acquired a curious buckler that granted him protection and eternal youth. Could this have been the fabled Key of Abjuration? Might it be used to break one of the 8 Seals on Aizendore’s Vault?

But they are not the only interested party…

This is a one-shot adventure for 4-6 characters of level 3. 

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