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The Salmon of Knowledge is an adventure suitable for up to 5 characters of levels 1-2, intended as either a stand-alone encounter or part of an ongoing campaign. The characters must hunt a magical salmon, which sometimes appears in a lake known as the Well of Wisdom.

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Ready for the hunt of the Magical Salmon?

There, it eats hazelnuts which fall from a tree planted by the goddess Anu centuries ago. Rumor has it anyone who cooks and eats the salmon will be granted the answer to any question they ask. However, a crotchety old druid is also hunting the salmon and the characters must compete with him to be the first to catch the prize. Will they capture the salmon before the druid gets his grubby mitts on it? Or will it evade capture by all, as it has oft times before? If they catch and cook it, what might they ask?

The Salmon of Knowledge

The Salmon of Knowledge is 15-foot long. Normally a placid creature, it is territorial and attacks
anyone who disturbs it while eating.


Finn (human druid, chaotic neutral) has been hunting the Salmon of Knowledge for nearly a decade. He came seeking knowledge about a malicious archfey who once humiliated him and has tormented his home village for generations.

Hazelnuts of all Knowing

The salmon gained its magic by eating the
hazelnuts all its life. They’re the true source
of knowledge, but they’re too potent for the
average mind. They rot if taken too far away
from the well.

Fey Chain

Forged in molten lava that flows through the border of the Feywild and the Plane of Fire, this chain was designed to restrain a fallen archfey who betrayed Meadb, Queen of the Faeries.

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