The People’s Prison


After traveling a long and little-used road, the party finds itself in a small, mountainside village in the midst of a festival celebration. It is soon revealed that the festival holds a more sinister purpose, and all is not as it seems. The Fifth of Ches Festival is an enchanting celebration that has been endured – I mean enjoyed – for 300 hundred years in the small town of Guadalorito. Visitors find themselves just as entranced by the celebrations as the natives, for who doesn’t love to dance until they die – I mean “drop” – and lose themselves entirely in the ecstatic rhythm of the music? And I do mean lose themselves…
The People’s Prison is an adventure suitable for 4 players of levels 6-7.

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Guadaloritos celebrations await you

The story begins as the party enters the town of Guadalorito, which is bustling with activity. The village is in a wide flat area of rock, surrounded by high, rocky cliffs.

Whats inside?

You will get a One Shot adventure incl. new NPC, monsters, magic items, story hooks a battle map, original artwork, lore, and more…


Huge Monstrosity, Chaotic Evil. The ocelostrom is a unique creature 10 feet tall and 20 feet long. It has total control of the villagers. If the party is free of its enchantment, the ocelostrom will attack or attempt to enchant them directly.

Haunted Mask

Brought to life by the festival these masks, hanging on wooden poles around the Battle Reenactment Square, rise into the air as the finale begins, hovering and keeping watch for any who may fight back against the drugged state of the festival.

Balancing encounters

Hollow Dancer. A humanoid wearing colorful clothing and a wide brimmed hat, both of which are frayed at the edges. Their skin is light tan, and their face has a persistent, joyful expression. Their movements resemble dancing and there is a sickly presence emanating from their every movement.

Mask of Comedy and Tragedy

This expressionless white mask has a single leather strap. While wearing this mask, you can use your bonus action to cause the mask to assume the visage of comedy or tragedy.

Many additional NPCs contained. Get your copy now!

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